How To Build Better Twitter Relationships

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Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the internet and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis. Even though Facebook is still number one, Twitter is a strong second when it comes to social media presence online. There is so much to like about both sites as far as staying connected with friends and family members and for businesses to promote their companies. One thing that you have to do to take advantage of this site is to maintain a relationship with business contacts and with all of your followers on a regular basis. The following are some ways that you can build better Twitter relationships for your business marketing strategies.

How You See Your Twitter Account

One of the first things you need to do is take a step back and think about why you are on Twitter and what you expect from the site. Are you strictly going online to promote your products exclusively or do you chat with your followers and read updates from them? Sadly, most are not even sure why they’re on the site or they only use it for promotion or as an escape from the “real world”. For businesses it is even more important to understand why you are on the site by looking at those who you follow and who follow you. Get rid of any followers that no longer post or who has accounts that have been deactivated and don’t follow anyone who isn’t active on the site. Then you can work on building up your legitimate following base through those who are beneficial to you.

Twitter is Much More Than a Social Network

There are other benefits than just being able to connect with friends and family on Twitter as you can also make new friends and associates that stick with you for a long time. Those who own a business will find that business relationships are just as important as the family and friends network that they have. These new relationships add to your business in more ways that just sales as they also pass on the word and share your tweets to bring in more new customers. This is why it is very important to keep up with your business relationships because they can bring in new business while remaining loyal to you.

You Cannot Be Shy

While it may be difficult, you have to open yourself up to your followers and you cannot do this if you act shy online. It takes some type of outgoing personality in order to follow strangers and you have to have a thick skin for those who choose not to follow you back. You also have to post tweets that your followers want to read and retweet in order to engage them. If you find that you are too shy at first to get the followers you need, then just buy some from a legitimate site that sells followers and you’ll have plenty to start off with until you are comfortable enough to get them on your own.

In order to have a great relationship with your followers you need to engage them and you cannot be shy about following people.

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