5 Ways To Leverage Pinterest For Your Small Business


Managing a small business today requires the ability to connect with your audience and target demographic not only offline, but also by getting involved online. When you have a small business you want to grow online, doing so is possible by understanding the benefits of leveraging social media networks such as Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual “pin board” community that allows users to post and share content with users around the world instantly. Using Pinterest to boost your business online is highly recommended whether you are sharing content or selling services and products.


Brand Your Pinterest
Leveraging Pinterest for your small business begins by branding your actual Pinterest account. Create a Pinterest account with a relevant name that matches your business and is not difficult to find when searching. Using the same logo and username across all of the social networking sites you register on is highly recommended. The more branded your business is online, the easier it becomes to attract virtual followers and potential customers to learn more about what you have to offer.

It is important to brand all of your online usernames when you are representing your business, especially if you are launching a start up. Branding a business is a key factor to gaining respect in the industry while also building a reputation of being credible and professional. Research available usernames that are available on all networks before you register your own.

Consistent Updating
Updating your Pinterest consistently is also a way to grow your small business, especially as you continue to gather virtual followers online. Updating your Pinterest regularly will generate buzz and interest in your business, which can lead to sales and an increase in revenue. Getting actively involved in updating your Pinterest is a way for you to easily connect with any audience you have in mind.

Updating throughout each day, once a day or at least twice a week is highly recommended when you want to show your followers you are truly dedicated to your business.

Interesting and Unique Content
Posting interesting and unique content on your Pinterest is another way to leverage your company’s success online. Knowing the type of content or information your audience prefers reading will help you to product intriguing articles and pages of content that attract visitors and increase the number of page views your site receives. Research the industry you are representing to help with creating interesting and unique content that is sure to attract new visitors and potential customers to your site.

Contests and Giveaways
Another way to improve your company’s overall performance online with Pinterest is to host contests and giveaways. Hosting contests and giveaways with the use of your Pinterest account will generate clicks and prompt new visitors to check out your site. If you offer services or products, hosting a contest or giveaway on your Pinterest is a way to get others interested in what you have to offer while also boosting your reputation and credibility s a business. The more contests and giveaways you are able to host, the easier it becomes to gain an online virtual following.

Use Multiple Social Media Platforms
When you are using Pinterest, it is important to put multiple social media platforms to use simultaneously for maximum exposure and benefits online. Registering a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn account helps to brand your business across different networks at once.
Putting Pinterest to use for your business can lead to potential sales and loyal customers over time. Properly using Pinterest is a way to instantly connect with an online audience while building your own credibility and professional reputation.

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