Who We Are

Gigta is made up entirely of an ever-expanding team of passionate individuals from all walks of life. A love of technology and publishing is what ties us all together. That and an innate ability to create enthralling and engaging content for our readers.

We own over 20 websites in numerous niches, including kitchen, auto, music, home, health, sport, pets, etc. With traffic numbers over two million unique views per month. 90% our traffic is from US.

Our Goal

Our main ambition is to become the undisputed number one media publisher in the outdoor activities, by providing our readers with unbiased, honest reviews as well as in-depth buyer guides, up to date gear recommendations, how to’s, answer to frequently asked questions and the latest in outdoor news.



We are nothing without the people who work here. Every team member is hand-picked for the skills they bring to the collective, not just individual talent, and we’re growing a truly diverse and talented group of people into the content team of tomorrow. There’s a lot of work to do and we do it in a fun, empowering way. Our people think we are getting it right. Here’s what they have to say.

Doan Son – Founder

He is an online entrepreneur and tech head having spent most of 10 years building online businesses. He found his passion in online marketing. The combination has led him to where he is today, building a thriving media publishing business in an industry that he loves.

These days Doan focuses on the strategic element of Gigta and researching the new ideas for Content Team.

Doan has more than 10 years of experience in the digital space. Having previously built and exited seven-figure businesses he is extremely excited to see how far the team can take Gigta.

Ian Franklin – Co-Founder

Ian has been a passionate gaming and tech head from childhood, tinkering with the ZX Spectrum, Amiga 2000 and one of the original Intel Pentiums to name a few. Before Wi-Fi for network gaming he had to lean out of the top-floor window to pass the parallel cable to the next door neighbor. He spent more time debugging connection issues and reinstalling Windows for the nth time to get a game to work than actually playing… those were the days!

Ian has over 16 years in brand, digital marketing and e-commerce. He spent his formative years at AO.com running the Brand and Digital Marketing teams. Now he is turning his hand to the digital publishing sector in an area that he is very passionate about. Who said mixing work and pleasure is not a good thing?

Content Team


Our content team is more than 35 members to write contents for over 20 websites in numerous niches, including kitchen, auto, music, home, health, sport, pets, etc.

We keep hiring more freelancer and part-time writers from US, UK, AU.

Content Posters

We have 4 Content Posters to publish all articles for our brands. They are include:

Hanh Nguyen

Phuong Oanh

Huynh Diem

Thuy Trang

Marketing Team

We have four members, who do marketing and SEO for our brands.



Like all good missions, this one is dangerous. Gigta is on a mission to find the best talent in the country, and that means finding people who share our love for exceptional copy and knowledge. We don’t want people who can write great sentences. We want people who can do it again, and again and again (and again if we are honest). Only then will we get to where we are heading – the rendezvous point is at the best outdoor online publishing house in the US. But what about you? Easy. Your mission is to come and talk to us if that’s you.